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Extrusion Machines

New to the range of high quality machines from us is a range of machinery dedicated to the aluminium extrusion industry.

This new range gives unprecedented productivity and flexibilty, being able to machine on all faces of an extrusion in one setup.

Ideal for the manufacture of parts in extruded aluminium in the following areas -

Building industry: frames, windows, doors, glazing, structures, ventilation, greenhouses

Industrial parts, cabinets, machine parts, conveyors. containers.

Automotive parts, marine parts.....

The machines have high efficiency due to short cycle times and multiple operations in one set up.

Punching/drilling/cutting operations 0,7-3 sec per operation

pattern punching 0,7 sec per operation

Feed to cut 2000 mm/sec

CNC controlled saw blade feed for fast and clean cuts.

Ideal for kit production and costumer configured products.

Easy IT-based programming interface

Built in database structure allows easy data integration with administrative IT-systems.

Integrates with electronic part lists, CAD-data, size specifications,

product configuration systems, etc.

Case Story:

For Lindab in Denmark, we have supplied two lines for automatic manufacture of ventilation grilles.

Lindab chose two lines to run in parallel. One for the frames, and one for

the grill elements.

The project included a product configuration system for their full product range of grilles. (some 100 models to be configured in any costumer dimension).

The result enabled Lindab to produce customised grills, at lower costs than previous standard production to stock.

Both the production facility footprint and cost of labour were reduced by

some 75%.